SWIFT payments

Cross border payments are international transfers that are settled between banks that have a correspondent banking relationship. Correspondent banks typically work on a reciprocal basis whereby a bilateral arrangement is agreed for the handling of payment instructions via Nostro/Vostro accounts. Payments instructions are sent over the SWIFT network and routed according to the banks and beneficiary destinations involved.

SWIFT is the primary communications network between banks, it has world leading levels of security and reliability – it is a pre-requisite that a bank that receives or sends international payments is a member of SWIFT.

Cross border payments typically take longer and are more expensive to process than domestic payments. There is normally a need for more information to enable the transmission of international payments than would be used within a domestic payment. In addition to beneficiary information such as account number and bank details, the beneficiary bank BIC (Business Identifier Code) or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) may be essential to ensure correct routing of an international payment instruction.

SWIFT payments through the Banking Circle:

  • 25 currencies
  • Cut-off will vary depending on the currency
  • Account configuration – DK BIC & IBAN
  • Correspondent charging options
  • OUR (the sender of the payment pays Banking Circle fees, plus any correspondent fees. It doesn’t include the beneficiary bank landing fees)
  • SHA (the sender of the payment pays Banking Circle fees, and the beneficiary pays any correspondent and their bank fees)
How it works

Unlike conventional business to business cross border payments that incur high bank charges and can take days to arrive, Members of the Banking Circle can enjoy cost and time savings when making or receiving international payments.

Other Solutions

Banking Circle Members can access a global IBAN account infrastructure, through a platform from which they can trade forex and make international payments.

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Lack of access to funds to keep cash flowing can hold back business growth. Banking Circle provides fast access to cash with flexible repayment options.

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Banking Circle provides a range of offerings to meet the payments needs of banks, payment service providers, FinTechs, and their customers.

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