Banking Circle is a financial utility dedicated to giving businesses faster, more efficient ways to conduct business on a global scale. Unconstrained by convention, our solution has been specifically created to meet the needs of businesses who want the freedom to trade globally.

Membership is open to financial institutions including card acquirers, PSPs, APMs, FX payment providers, and banks. Merchant Membership is open to merchants who join via their payment solution providers.

Members of the Banking Circle can:

Bank on growth – one account gives you rapid access to new markets worldwide

Bank on profitability – pay and receive funds from businesses at low FX rates. Automatically convert funds to any currency you choose

Bank on speed – introduce your suppliers and partners to the Banking Circle so you can all pay invoices or receive money in seconds rather than days

Bank on capacity – raise your game by expanding your transactional capabilities and attract more customers with a better value proposition

Within Banking Circle our members can set up accounts in their own name, globally. We challenge services offered by conventional service companies with lower transaction costs and better exchange rates. For banks, we offer a partnership where we provide infrastructure to help build your international payments capabilities efficiently and reliably.

Merchants also benefit from membership, reducing operating costs and increasing the speed of bank transfers – everywhere. There are no landing fees for recipients within the Banking Circle and even payments outside the circle are cheaper and usually same day – anywhere.

Our Solutions

Our solutions

Banking Circle Lending

Financial Tech businesses can add real value to customer relationships with Banking Circle Lending. Going to the heart of one of the perennial business challenges – that of managing cash flow – Banking Circle Lending enables FinTechs to offer their merchants fast access to cash, without any credit exposure to the FinTech’s business.

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Cross border payments

Banking Circle provides a faster and more cost-effective way for businesses to make and receive cross border B2B payments.

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Virtual IBAN

Banking Circle Virtual IBAN allows businesses to issue multi-currency IBAN accounts for customers in their own name.

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Real-time FX trading platform

Trade foreign exchange more efficiently and make international payments on behalf of your clients with the Banking Circle Real-time FX trading platform.

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