Agency Banking

Send and receive SEPA Credit Transfers with your BIC and IBANs

For institutions seeking rapid access to the Euro Area, we offer Agency Banking and sponsorship using Banking Circle’s clearing and settlement connection.

With Agency Banking, Payments businesses and Banks can use Banking Circle’s clearing and settlement connection to become indirect participants in SEPA Credit Transfer. Using your own existing BIC and IBANs for payments and collections presents you as the sender or receiver, increasing payments transparency and reach and allowing you to stay in full control of your customer relationship.

Access to Agency Banking services is provided through a single integration via SWIFT or API for all your payment and collections needs.

  • Indirect access to SEPA payment system
  • Access a range of cross-border payments solutions
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Full payments transparency
  • Reduced time to market: we’ll get you on-boarded in a matter of weeks

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