The following table details the cut-off times in CET by currency. This is the time by which a payment needs to be successfully initiated for same-day execution.

If initiated before cut-off, funds will be debited from your account with same day value. Same-day execution may not be met for payments held up for any compliance, lack of funds or other internal policy reasons.

Please speak to your Relationship Manager to discuss cut-offs for payments submitted by bulk file upload or via API.

Incoming and internal payment processing stops at 17:45 CET.

Payments with foreign currency conversion:

For payments that involve a foreign currency conversion, funds will be forwarded to our correspondent after the FX trade has settled, which will either be same day or D+1. If both currencies in the pair belong to the following list, the trade will settle same day: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, DKK, SEK, NOK, HUF, CZK.

The Currency Category is used as a reference point for FX pricing in your Client Agreement. This has no bearing on like for like payments.

CurrencyCut-off (CET)Currency category
AED1Cross Border15:303
AUD1– Cross-Border16:301
CAD – Cross-Border16:301
CHF – Cross-Border12:301
CZK – Cross-Border09:003
CZK – Local09:003
DKK – Cross-Border10:002
DKK – Local10:002
EUR – Cross-Border15:451
EUR – SEPA13:151
GBP – Cross-Border17:301
GBP – Local17:301
HKD1– Cross-Border16:303
HRK – Cross-Border11:303
HRK – Local10:303
HUF – Cross-Border10:303
HUF – Local10:303
ILS – Cross-Border11:303
JPY1– Cross-Border16:301
MXN – Cross-Border15:003
NOK – Cross Border11:302
NOK – Local09:302
NZD1– Cross-Border16:301
PLN – Cross-Border10:003
RON1– Cross-Border16:303
RON – Local10:303
SAR1– Cross-Border16:303
SEK – Cross-Border11:302
SGD1– Cross-Border15:003
TRY – Cross-Border12:003
USD – Cross-Border17:301
ZAR – Cross-Border09:003

1These currencies will be forwarded to our correspondents with value date D+1


Please note that the following dates are public holidays and payments will not be processed on these days:

  • January 1
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • December 25
  • December 26
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