Local payments

Access multiple domestic markets without the need for local banking relationships in each jurisdiction.

Through Banking Circle, Payments businesses can use a single access point for multiple domestic markets.

Our local payout capabilities reduce the high cost of transactions and give businesses the ability to settle multiple currencies locally – without needing to set up local banking relationships in each jurisdiction.


Available in 11 currencies, with more coming soon

Direct clearing in EUR, GBP and DKK

Simple and flexible integration options

Payments can be sent via our API or Client Portal

Our Intelligent Routing System ensures that payments are always processed via the cheapest, most efficient route

Available Currencies: 11

EUR Flag
EUR - Euro
CHF Flag
CHF - Swiss Franc
CZK Flag
CZK - Czech Koruna
DKK Flag
DKK - Danish Kroner
GBP Flag
GBP - British Pound
HUF Flag
HUF - Hungarian Forint
NOK Flag
NOK - Norwegian Krone
PLN Flag
PLN - Polish Zloty
RON Flag
RON - Romanian New Leu
SEK Flag
SEK - Swedish Krona
SGD Flag
SGD - Singapore Dollar

Key benefits of Local payments:

  • Fast, low cost payments
  • Speedy settlement with same-day local payments
  • Reduce high transaction costs and landing fees

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