Virtual accounts for Payments businesses

Multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional accounts for your customers

Our virtual account solution (also known as virtual IBAN) gives Payments businesses a crucial competitive edge by enabling you to offer international business bank accounts to your own customers.

Virtual accounts unlock access to new territories and currencies – your customers can make and receive payments to unique addressable IBANs in multiple jurisdictional formats via local and cross border payment rails.


Receive and pay out in 24 currencies, with expansion in the pipeline


Available in DE (Germany), DK (Denmark), GB (UK) and LU (Luxembourg)

Simple & Flexible

Simple and flexible integration options – choose to connect via API, Client Portal or SWIFT


Safeguarding provided at master account level or via separate physical account in all currencies

Available Currencies: 24

AED Flag
AED - Emirati Dirham
AUD Flag
AUD - Australian Dollar
CAD Flag
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CHF Flag
CHF - Swiss Franc
CHN Flag
CHN - Chinese Yuan
CZK Flag
CZK - Czech Koruna
DKK Flag
DKK - Danish Kroner
EUR Flag
EUR - Euro
GBP Flag
GBP - British Pound
HKD Flag
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
HUF Flag
HUF - Hungarian Forint
ILS Flag
ILS - Israeli Shekel
JPY Flag
JPY - Japanese Yen
MXN Flag
MXN - Mexican Peso
NOK Flag
NOK - Norwegian Krone
NZD Flag
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
PLN Flag
PLN - Polish Zloty
RON Flag
RON - Romanian New Leu
SAR Flag
SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyal
SEK Flag
SEK - Swedish Krona
SGD Flag
SGD - Singapore Dollar
TRY Flag
TRY - Turkish Lira
USD Flag
USD - US Dollar
ZAR Flag
ZAR - South African Rand

Key benefits of virtual accounts:

  • Highly competitive pricing for accounts and transactions
  • Fast account setup
  • Unlimited provision of  virtual IBAN accounts
  • Look and feel of having a banking presence
  • Instant and accurate reconciliation
  • Clear segregation of funds and full transparency, reducing AML and KYC risk

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