Le Figaro interview with Emmanuel Georges, Banking Circle’s Head of France

In a recent interview with Le Figaro, Emmanuel Georges, Banking Circle’s Head of France explained how the payments bank is powering the payments propositions of businesses around the world.

What is Banking Circle?

Banking Circle is a payments bank meeting the global banking and payments needs of Payments businesses, Banks and corporates. It was launched with the specific vision of improving payments for the global e-commerce marketplace and provides a suite of unique and award-winning banking solutions, including multi-currency bank accounts and Virtual IBANs, bank connections for local clearing and cross-border payments, all underpinned by market leading compliance and security.

What are the benefits of using Banking Circle services for businesses?

As a modern correspondent bank committed to building a local clearing network for all major currencies, Banking Circle delivers fast, low cost payments with no hidden fees for the beneficiary. Clients can open bank accounts in multiple currencies, as well as access competitive FX services, gaining a local presence in the markets they want to serve without having to invest in a physical presence or bank accounts in each region. For streamlined integration, Banking Circle services are accessible through a single, modern API.

What types of companies benefit most from Banking Circle’s services?

Banking Circle solutions power the payments propositions of Payments businesses, Banks and online Marketplaces, enabling them to gain the geographic reach and access to the markets in which their own customers want to trade. With a client base of almost 300 financial institutions, including 16 banks, current clients include Alibaba.com, Checkout.com, Nuvei, Paysafe, PPRO, and Stripe.

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