Payments businesses can add real value to client relationships with Cash Advance. Going to the heart of one of the perennial business challenges – that of managing cash flow – Cash Advance enables Payments businesses to offer their merchants fast access to cash, without any credit exposure to the Payment Service Provider’s business.

Lack of access to funds to keep cash flowing can hold back business growth. Cash Advance provides fast access to cash with repayment options that mirror business success.

Fast access to cash

Cash Advance provides an extra revenue stream for Payments businesses, providing them with the facility to offer loans to their merchant customers. Whether a company needs to purchase seasonal stock, refurbish premises, invest in marketing or increase headcount, a quick and simple loan could make the difference. But existing business lending models are slow, expensive and inefficient.

Funds in 72 hours or less

Cash Advance is all about quick decisions and flexible repayment options. Rather than the average 60 days it takes a traditional bank to extend a new loan, the entire application process takes up to 72 hours with Cash Advance.

Through Cash Advance, Payments businesses can give merchants faster access to cash, with flexible repayment options and personalised online account management.

Merchants will receive an indicative offer within minutes via an online calculator. A binding offer is made within 24 hours after an ID verification and credit review process. Money is received as soon as the next business day.

Key benefits for Payments businesses:

  • Enhances business client relationships by offering pre-approved loans, without credit exposure to the Payments business
  • Creates an extra revenue stream by extending the value proposition at no cost to the business
  • Opportunity to provide liquidity to merchants, to receive a bigger part of the revenue share
  • 24/7 access to each merchant’s loan status, bank account overview and renewal requests
  • White-labelled landing page available ensuring personalisation for the end customer
  • Risk-free additional and recurring revenue stream for the Payments business
  • Higher retention rates among existing merchants (financing creates stickiness to the core service)
  • The Payments business retains full ownership of the relationship with the merchants
  • Solution is acquirer/payment service provider-agnostic
  • No cost or development work to get set up


Key benefits for Merchants:

  • Quick and cost-efficient access to money to support business growth
  • Fast online application process
  • Quick approval process – the whole process takes between 48 and 72 hours
  • ‘Repay as you earn’ with flexible repayments that follow merchants’ revenue
  • No hidden costs
  • No application or closing fees
  • No fees for early repayments
  • No compounding interest
  • 24/7 access to loan status, bank account overview and renewal requests


Cash Advance is provided by a Banking Circle affiliated company.

How it works

The Financial institution is provided with either a client-branded Cash Advance iFrame or an API to integrate into their own website, creating a seamless, own-branded credit assessment process. Merchants can then use the Financial institution’s website to find out if they’re eligible for a loan.

If the merchant is eligible, the loan is deposited into their account as soon as the next business day.

Banking Circle opens two accounts; one for the Lender and one for the merchant. Card scheme payments made to the merchant will be made into the merchant account which immediately deducts a percentage of the merchant’s daily flow as payment into the Lender’s account. The difference in funds is then credited to the merchant. This process is repeated until the loan is paid off in full.

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