International bank accounts all in one place

Banking Circle is able to open physical IBAN accounts for its Members in more than 25 currencies, in the UK, Denmark, and Germany, giving Banks and Financial Tech businesses a crucial competitive edge and enhancing their service proposition. Financial institutions gain the ability to issue multi-currency IBANs for merchants in their own name and in multiple jurisdictions.

The benefits for Banks and Financial Tech businesses

Banking Circle IBAN accounts deliver full transparency and faster settlement, enabling Financial Institutions to offer their customers a full transactional service.

Key benefits include:

  • Fast account set up
  • Local clearing capability plus cross border payments through the SWIFT network
  • The ability to leverage the Banking Circle network to make and receive payments instantly
  • Payments & FX API connectivity
  • Access to an award winning FX platform via web, tablet, and mobile
  • Same day settlement for SEPA payments

By giving merchants their own IBANs, Banking Circle gives Financial Institutions a number of key business advantages:

  • No need for multiple banking relationships because Banking Circle provides a multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional solution
  • Improved payments acceptance, settlement times and reconciliation because payments are made in the name of the IBAN owner
  • Reduced AML and KYC risk as a result of end to end transparency and clear segregation of funds

Other Solutions

Banking Circle Lending

Financial Tech businesses can add real value to customer relationships with Banking Circle Lending. Going to the heart of one of the perennial business challenges – that of managing cash flow – Banking Circle Lending enables FinTechs to offer their merchants fast access to cash, without any credit exposure to the FinTech’s business.

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Cross border payments

Banking Circle provides a faster and more cost-effective way for businesses to make and receive cross border B2B payments.

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Virtual IBAN

Banking Circle Virtual IBAN allows businesses to issue multi-currency IBAN accounts for customers in their own name.

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