Payments API

Banking Circle Payments API allows members to automatically connect to the Banking Circle payments infrastructure for real-time processing.

By automating and streamlining processes from Treasury Management Systems (TMS) straight through to clearing, banks and FinTechs can export payment instructions from internal systems and seamlessly deliver these to Banking Circle for processing.

Financial institutions receive automatic payment status reports, which can be imported into their TMS for reconciliation purposes. The reports include balance and transactional information to enable members to match account entries to original instructions.

All payment types are accepted through Banking Circle Payments API.

Banking Circle Web

Banking Circle Web is an online platform for viewing accounts, making payments, and Foreign Exchange, which is built, hosted and secured by Oracle.

Banking circle web capabilities:

  • 2-factor authentication log-on
  • View all accounts and balances
  • Multi-currency accounts can have a single base currency
  • Make both internal and external payments
  • Transfer funds cross currency both internally and externally
  • Download statements and reconciliation reports
Other Solutions

Banking Circle Members can access a global IBAN account infrastructure, through a platform from which they can trade forex and make international payments.

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Lack of access to funds to keep cash flowing can hold back business growth. Banking Circle provides fast access to cash with flexible repayment options.

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Banking Circle provides a range of offerings to meet the payments needs of banks, payment service providers, FinTechs, and their customers.

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