Streamlined end-to-end automation

The Payments API (Application Program Interface) allows Banking Circle members to automate and streamline processes from your Treasury Management Systems (TMS) straight through to clearing.

We provide you with the ability to export payment instructions from your internal systems and seamlessly deliver these to Banking Circle for processing.

We will automatically send you payment status reports, which can be imported into your TMS for reconciliation purposes. The reports will include balance and transactional information to enable you to match account entries to your instructions.

Security and confidentiality

The Banking Circle uses a SSL security protocol.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a computer protocol that helps secure communications over computer networks. An SSL certificate is a digital document that ensures the content provided is from the correct (verified) sender.

The implementation process

To ensure an efficient implementation process we will provide you with an implementation manager who will guide you through the end-to-end process.


  • All payment types that the Banking Circle supports are accepted through our API.
  • To connect with our Payments API your internal system will need to generate CSV format files.


Streamlined end-to-end risk management

The FX API (Application Program Interface) allows Banking Circle members to automate your FX liquidity management and improve your online offering. Trading via the API streamlines your internal and external execution processes, reducing risk.

Traditionally banks support FX connectivity for FX trading, which is archaic and expensive technology. Our FX API is based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, which is more cost effective and easier to integrate.

Additionally, a larger amount of data and more products are accessible.


  • Trades, orders and rate alerts
  • Historical trade data
  • Charting
  • Market data
  • Collateral management

Other Solutions

Banking Circle Lending

Financial Tech businesses can add real value to customer relationships with Banking Circle Lending. Going to the heart of one of the perennial business challenges – that of managing cash flow – Banking Circle Lending enables FinTechs to offer their merchants fast access to cash, without any credit exposure to the FinTech’s business.

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Cross border payments

Banking Circle provides a faster and more cost-effective way for businesses to make and receive cross border B2B payments.

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Virtual IBAN

Banking Circle Virtual IBAN allows businesses to issue multi-currency IBAN accounts for customers in their own name.

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