The Banking Circle FX API (Application Programme Interface) allows members to automate their FX liquidity management and improve their online offering. Trading via the API streamlines their internal and external execution processes, reducing risk.

Banking Circle FX API is based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, which is more cost-effective and easier to integrate than the solutions used by traditional providers.

FX API capabilities:

  • Back to back trading
  • Trades, orders and rate alerts
  • Historical trade data
  • Currency Charting
  • Market data
  • Collateral management

Banking Circle Web FX

As part of the Banking Circle Web platform, Banking Circle Web FX has the ability to convert across 24 currencies available. Members can use Banking Circle Web to move funds from one currency to another, at a competitive pre-agreed margin. The platform allows members to easily convert currencies and make onward payment within a few clicks.

Banking Circle Web FX capabilities:

    • 24 currency conversions available
    • The conversion can be across two Banking Circle accounts, or as part of the payment process externally
    • Low payment transaction fees
    • Compliant payment model with full transparency of remitter (the client) and beneficiary
Other Solutions

Banking Circle Members can access a global IBAN account infrastructure, through a platform from which they can trade forex and make international payments.

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Lack of access to funds to keep cash flowing can hold back business growth. Banking Circle provides fast access to cash with flexible repayment options.

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Banking Circle provides a range of offerings to meet the payments needs of banks, payment service providers, FinTechs, and their customers.

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