DKK local payments and collections

Banking Circle clients can now access direct payments in Danish Krone (DKK) – a lower cost and faster alternative for making pay-outs and collections in Denmark.

Direct clearing in DKK provides four payment cycles per day and is compatible with our Payments on Behalf of (POBO) and Collections on Behalf of (COBO) solution, which allows payments to be sent and received in the name of the underlying customer. By connecting directly to the Danish payment rails, we enable you and your customers the ability to trade in Denmark like a local business would, without having to use the SWIFT network.

Key features & benefits

  • Available for pay-outs and collections
  • Lower cost and faster than SWIFT payments
  • Four payment cycles per day, cut-off at 11.30 (CET)
  • Compatible with POBO & COBO for payments in your customer’s name
  • Ability to work within your risk appetite


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