Better payment processing offers more than just a cashflow boost

The real winners in the FinTech sector will be the organisations that can deliver the fastest possible payment processes for their customers. Advances in technology mean people expect more. Customers want things at their fingertips wherever and whenever, which means businesses have to meet this demand.

When it comes to better payments, the answer lies with integrated payment processes – that cross international borders compliantly. Real-time cross border payments are possible today, and the businesses harnessing this capability will be one step ahead of their competition.

Having systems in place to enable quicker payments makes all the difference for key business relationships. It brings added value to your customers and partners, encouraging them to choose you, over the competition.

Choosing a payment solution which offers multi-currency payment processing, across borders, may seem like an unnecessary investment. However, when your business is ready to expand into new markets, the payments infrastructure is already in place, helping you to seamlessly operate with international clients and suppliers as easily as you do with local contacts.

The ideal payment process works to help your business succeed over the long-term. That means ensuring you have secure, flexible solutions that enable international payments at the most competitive exchange rates and best priced processing costs. Speed is vital too. Faster payments offer more than just cashflow benefits, they also support growth and the development of mutually beneficial business relationships.

Conventional international banking processes often charge around 5% per transaction, making them prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses. Now, Banking Circle is helping businesses exploit the global digital marketplace. Payment providers who are members of Banking Circle can offer their clients access to fast, effective global transfers that support business growth, while minimising risk and cost.

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