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Banking Circle reports that it settles more than 10% of Europe’s B2C e-commerce flow

Banking Circle S.A. set to help US payments providers expand out of the domestic market with low-cost and fast cross-border payments across 24 currencies as it attends Money20/20 USA

Las Vegas, 24th October 2022 – Underlining the momentum it has gained as an alternative to correspondent banking for cross-border payments, Banking Circle S.A. is forecasting a significant uplift in its payments flow for 2022.

Now serving over 250 financial institutions across the globe, in the first three quarters of 2022 the Luxembourg licensed bank processed enough payments to imply €332bn in total annual run-rate payment volumes. Based on incoming volume processed and new market sizing in Worldpay’s 2022 Global Payments Report, this means it is settling more than 10% of Europe’s B2C e-commerce flow.

As it attends Money20/20 USA, the traction already achieved underlines Banking Circle’s value in helping US payments companies and FinTechs that want to expand beyond North America. Through the bank they can handle transactions in up to 24 currencies without facing prohibitive costs and with full regulatory compliance for each jurisdiction. Improving speed, payments can be handled as if local; there’s also the potential for additional FX or transfer costs to be eliminated.

“Led by our tech-first approach, Banking Circle S.A. is driving the evolution of global payments infrastructure which goes to the heart of financial inclusion”, explained Laust Bertelsen, Chief Executive Officer, Banking Circle S.A. “These latest numbers show the market appetite for our cutting edge, fast and cost-effective solutions, with in-built compliance. We’re providing a genuine alternative to traditional correspondent banking, removing many of the barriers to cross-border payments.”

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