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Banking Circle named one of the best cross-border payments companies in the world

Sought-after spot on FXC Intelligence Top 100 list awarded to tech-first Payments bank

London, 24th March 2022 – Leading specialist provider of global payments data, FXC Intelligence, has named Banking Circle in its annual list of Top 100 Cross-Border Payments Companies. A financial data company specialising in international payments, cards and ecommerce industries, with a focus on pricing data, FXC Intelligence tracks more than 15,000 players in the cross-border payments space. The 2022 Cross-Border Payments 100 list recognises and celebrates the 100 companies that have championed innovation in global payments and are best positioned to lead the next era of payments excellence.

Daniel Webber, CEO of FXC Intelligence, said: “Banking Circle has become one of the most important payment processors in the European ecommerce market, landing it in this year’s Cross-Border Payments 100 globally and has continued to see exceptionally strong growth through the pandemic.”

“We launched Banking Circle to tackle the cross-border payments challenges faced by smaller businesses around the world,” added Anders la Cour, CEO of Banking Circle Group. “The Banking Circle ecosystem has been growing rapidly, demonstrating the significance of our impact on the cross-border payments industry, and to be included within FXC Intelligence’s prestigious list of Top 100 Cross-Border Payments Companies is an honour. This recognition is testament to the innovative thinking, determination and dedication of our entire team.

“Our mission is to make international payments feel like local payments. To achieve that we are taking on a job that very few other banks or FinTechs want to tackle: to reduce the cost and time of international payments.  We’ve built the first and only real-time clearing and settlement network for 24 currencies, that delivers fast, low cost payments – with no hidden fees for the beneficiary.”

Banking Circle is wholly focused on delivering a payments solution for Payments businesses and Banks that is invisible to end users but will enhance their customer proposition – without any requirement for upfront investment in systems or process changes. Banking Circle’s market-leading solutions including Virtual IBAN, POBO & COBO and USD Collections for Online Marketplaces, speed up payments, reduce transaction costs and landing fees and eliminate operational errors and admin costs.

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