Through Banking Circle, Banks and Payments businesses can access multi-currency physical accounts to support regulated and operational business activity. This gives financial service providers a crucial competitive edge, enhancing their service proposition. Accounts are available in 24 currencies and come with DE, DK, GB and LU IBANs.

Financial Institutions gain the ability to issue multi-currency physical and virtual IBANs for customers in their own name and in multiple jurisdictions.

Accounts deliver full transparency and faster settlement, enabling Financial Institutions to offer their customers a full transactional service.

Banking Circle provides Financial Institutions with different types of accounts to allow them to distinguish between the flows through the account.

Current account

Banking Circle current account is available to corporates and regulated entities to meet their operational and treasury business needs.

This account is a physical account held in the name of the corporate and can be linked to underlying virtual IBANs to allow department, entity or operational reconciliation, without the need for multiple bank accounts.

Settlement account

Banking Circle settlement account is available to regulated entities to receive and pay out client funds. This account has safeguarding capability, either as part of the account or in a separate allocated safeguarded account, as it holds client funds. Settlement accounts can have underlying virtual IBANs to enable easy reconciliation of funds in or out.

  • Available in 24 currencies
  • View the account online and through the API
Other Solutions

Banking Circle’s compliance model provides Payments businesses and Banks and their customers with fully secure and compliant transactions.

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Banking Circle provides a range of offerings to meet the payments needs of Banks and Payments businesses, and their customers.

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Banking Circle delivers access to a global IBAN account infrastructure, through a platform from which they can trade forex and make international payments.

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Virtual IBAN

Banking Circle Virtual IBAN allows Banks and Payments businesses to issue multi-currency IBAN accounts for customers in their own name.

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